SHEA OIL | Intensieve, geurloze olie van Shea Butter

  • SHEA OIL | Intensieve, geurloze olie van Shea Butter
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SHEA OIL | Geurloze olie van de vruchten van de sheaboom

Shea Oil is an emollient, organic and unscented oil for dry skin patches. It is beneficial to cracked skin, stretch marks and skin irritations caused by chemicals.

Shea Oil is derived from the Shea Tree fruit. This oil is slowly absorbed by the skin, which makes it ideal for massage. It softens the skin instantly and protects it from dehydration. 

Shea Oil is also effective for treating dry hair and a sensitive scalp.

Self-preserving system.
Volume 250 ml.

Before use, it is a good idea to warm the oil in a water bath until it reaches body temperature. This makes the oil thinner, which makes it easier to work with and more easily absorbed by the skin.

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter

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